The Awning

The awning can be mounted with brackets or directly onto your vehicle.  We have brackets for most vehicles!

Sets up in minutes! Deployment of the fabric takes just a few minutes and is easy for one person to do.  Simply insert the supporting rods into the designated holes and tuck the opposite ends into the pockets of the fabric. Supplied guy lines allow you to adjust the height of the fabric. Taking it down is the reverse procedure: wrap the fabric around the rods and roll it towards the awning case. The fabric and rods can easily be removed from the case if you want to store it during the off-season.



  • Awning case and cover are made of extruded aluminum.
  • Awning base anodized in clear.
  • Awning cover anodized in clear. (matte black optional)
  • Housing length is approx. 49 in / 125 cm.
  • Fabric width 10 ft / 305 cm , projection is 6 ft / 183 cm ft out.
  • Total weight approx. 14 lb / 7 kg.